Chalets/Rooms – Price per room per night
  • N$ 2195.00 per night including dinner and breakfast (DBB)
  • N$ 1735.00 per room a night including breakfast (B&B)
  • N$ 1455.00 per room a night bed only (B)
  • N$ 1272.00 a night DBB
  • N$ 1042.00 a night B&B
  • N$ 902.00 a night Bed only
The chalets are free standing, spaced out a few meters from each other. Each of the 8 chalets is situated under a big tree with a lovely veranda facing the mountain. The chalets have two ¾ beds in each with an en-suite bathroom. Chalets run on solar power energy and 12 volt batteries, there are light switches in the room, bathroom and on the veranda, but no power points in the chalets. Guests are welcome to charge their electronic devices at the lodge. A fire is made in the late afternoon and early mornings at the back of the chalets where the “donkey” (geyser) is situated for hot water.
We also have standard rooms. The rooms are situated next to each other and spread between 2 blocks. The first block has 7 rooms next to each other and the second block has 8 rooms. Each block starts with and ends with a family unit, the rooms in between are all twin rooms. Each twin room has two ¾ beds in each with an en-suite bathroom and small veranda outside. The rooms also run on solar power and batteries, but each room has a normal fan. The rooms are perfect for big groups or people who are travelling together in one vehicle and wish to stay next to each other.
Family Unit 
  • N$ 3315.00 for the room a night including DBB
  • N$ 2395.00 for the room a night including B&B
  • N$ 1835.00 for the room a night Bed only
We have 4 family units, sleeping 4 people max per room. A unit consist of 2 rooms, each with two ¾ beds and an en-suite bathroom in the main room. There is no physical door between the rooms. 


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