The New DeLuxe Camping grounds are equipped with 220W electricity & it has it's own bathroom. Here you can plug in your fridge or hair dryer. These campsites has it's own BBQ area. 

Campers are also welcome to make use of the lodge facilities, eg swimming pool, bar and restaurant.  Adult dinner N$300.00 pp, breakfast N$180.00 pp and children dinner N$250.00 pp, breakfast N$130.00. (Campers must please make reservations for dinner at least two days prior to arrival to avoid disappointment, please also indicate any dietary requirements.)


Adult N$ 270.00 per person per night

Children Aged 0-7 FREE, Children Aged 7 - 13 N$ 135 per person per night

Car fee (once off) N$ 50.00

SADC rates on request.