Dinner Bed & Breakfast  Bed & Breakfast Bed only
Family Rooms/Naude’s place
Queen Size & Sleeper coach & 2x three quarter beds
5500.00 4100.00 3150.00
Twin Room 3600.00 2850.00 2500.00
Single Room  2100.00 1800.00 1600.00

Naude’s Place is a self-catering unit at Brandberg White Lady Lodge.
It consists of one bedroom with a Queen Size bed and one sleeper couch, 2 x three quarter beds in the lounge, sleeping 5 people max. An en-suite bathroom in the main room with a gas geyser.
The units run on solar power energy with a gas geyser for hot water. There are lights in the room, lounge, and bathroom and outside. There are no power points. Guests are welcome to charge their electronic devices at the lodge.

Naude's Place