Dinner Bed & Breakfast  Bed & Breakfast Bed only
Family Rooms/Naude’s place (sleeps 4) 4000.00 2950.00 2350.00
Chalets/Rooms Twin Room 2650.00 2150.00 1850.00
Chalets/Rooms Single Room 1550.00 1250.00 1100.00

We have eleven standard rooms. The rooms are situated next to each other and spread between 2 blocks. The first block has 7 rooms next to each other and the second block has 8 rooms. Each block starts with and ends with a family unit, the rooms in between are all twin rooms.
Each twin room has two ¾ beds in each with an en-suite bathroom and small veranda outside. The rooms run on solar power, but each room has a fan. Bathrooms have gas geysers for hot water. The rooms are perfect for big groups or people who are travelling together and wish to stay next to each other.