The desert elephants are roaming the Ugab River between May/June to Dec/Jan. Their visit to this area is seasonal and all depends on the rain season. The rest of the year (summer time or when the country gets rainfall) they move further north into the farm lands. Thus our drives also depend on the time of year and if the elephants are in the area.

We do Elephant tours in the morning and in the afternoon, all depending on how far or how near the Elephants are to the lodge area. 

You will also be informed of your changes of seeing the Elephants upon arrival. Sighings can not be garuanteed.

Rates for Elephant tours:

Adults: N$ 630 per person

Children under 10 years of age: N$ 450 per person

This includes 1 water and 2 drinks per person.

Please see pictures under Gallery - Elephants.